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Why You Should Apply With Us

With every money-lending body making tall claims about their business loans, it’s apparent that making a choice can indeed be a challenging task. However, unlike others, we do not believe in making tall claims and would rather like to furnish some basic facts about our small business loans that make us a clear choice.

All Facts No Fiction 

While every other money lender is busy making tall claims about their loans, we have decided to follow a different approach. Instead of trying to dupe you into a deal, we would like to take this opportunity to list some of the key factors that make us an evident choice over the various other contenders offering short-term business loans.

Simple Application Procedure– Unlike others, we do not ask for document after document or a business plan.  A simple one page application and your most recent 3 months of business bank statements is all that is required to receive a fast funding decision.

Minimal Processing Time – We will provide a funding decision in less than 24hrs and can provide you capital in only days or even that same day.

Low Interest Rate – Relative to other alternative small business lenders, our cost of capital is low and our terms fair.  We provide risk based pricing.  

No Collateral Required – Our working capital advance do not require any collateral.  The collateral is your promise to maintain your business performance.  

Easy Repayment Plan – Understanding the cash flow of the lending business, we formulate an easy repayment plan for all our clients, ensuring their operations are not affected by the small business advance.  

Comprehensive Support – We believe in delivering impeccable service to our clients, and hence, our support team is always eager to answer any query or concern you may have.

To sum it up, if you are looking for a short term loan and do not wish to wait for an eternity or pay hefty interest, opting for our working capital advance is most certainly the right choice.

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